Roys Towing - Damaged Vehicle while towing!!

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Roys Tow Company in West Des Moines, Iowa, damaged my sons truck during a tow.Then proceeded to tell my son he must have been drunk and hit a pole on his way home....

Why make that comment if you did not already know that damage was there. When I called to have them pay for the damage they caused, they proceeded to tell me my son told them he had been smoking pot and was lucky all he did was hit a pole!! (my son doesnt do drugs and I will have a drug test done today to prove it.) They called my son a liar. Very unprofessional company.

I was threatened if I posted anything about them online they would have their attorney on me.... Bring it. I have every right to post any complaint I have stating the facts. They told me that the tow truck driver said as he was lifting the truck he heard the cracking.....

Hummmmm that tells me you heard the noise the truck was making as you pressed it into the pole...... Needless to say a minor incident is now turning into a big deal because I refuse to let someone who is in the wrong get away with it any longer.

If you care about the looks of your car I would recommend using a different company for your towing needs.After all word of mouth is how alot of companies get their business!!!!

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